England Football Press Photos 1960 - 1970

From this page you can search for England football Press Photos from the 1960-70 decade, all photos are original and are sold as collectors items with the understanding that they will NOT be reproduced.

Due to the age of many of the press photos we have for sale the condition of each photo is listed alongside the description and any defects are listed, the image shown on the website is the exact photo you will receive when purchasing.


England - Argentina 23/07/1966
World Cup Quarter Final
 10in x 8in Press Photo

For sale we have a very rare and collectable iconic original press photo from the 1966 World Cup finals, the image shows England manager Alf Ramsey refusing to let English legend George Cohen swap shirts with Argentine player Roberto Perfumo following a fiery encounter between the two teams, after the match Ramsey described the Argentina players as 'animals'.


FIFA World Cup Trophy Date Unknown
9in x 6in Press Photo

For sale we have an original press photo featuring the FIFA World Cup Trophy on display.


England - Bulgaria 11/12/1968
  8in x 6in Press Photo

For sale we have a original press photo featuring England legend Geoff Hurst attempting to kick the ball out of the hands of Bulgarian goalkeeper Simeon Simenov.


Wales - England  15/05/1970
  10in x 8in Fotosports International Press Photo

For sale we have an original press photo featuring England legend Bobby Moore in action against Wales.


England - West Germany 14/06/1970
World Cup Quarter Final
Fotosports International 9in x 7in Press Photo

For sale we have an original press photo featuring Francis Lee of England and Klaus Fichtel of West Germany battling for the ball.

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