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There is a lot of competition in the Memorabilia industry especially as there is no form of professional regulation, this unfortunately means a lot of poor quality and fake merchandise are available especially on the Internet and auction sites. This is not just an issue in the UK this is a global issue.

Here at Midlands Memorabilia we pride ourselves on only items that we believe to be of the highest quality being offered for purchase. You have complete reassurance you are dealing with a professional outfit who will supply you an authentic item that can be treasured for life.

There are many memorabilia websites but very few good ones who operate in the correct way, luckily you have stumbled on one of the good ones!

We are registered with Companies House as a registered business in the UK. We are based in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands and visits to our premises are welcome if you would like to see items up close before buying.

All the photographic images that we use are official licensed images meaning the image you receive is as good as the original and has been professionally produced in a lab and not someones bedroom using a cheap photo printer. Midlands Memorabilia have paid to use the licence to use any such image.

We obtain our images mainly from PA photos and there are many strict laws regarding the use of images and through our own research we have found many memorabilia websites selling illegal unlicensed images this is a breach. You can be prosecuted quite heavily for using un-licensed images.

Midlands Memorabilia are not members of any autograph group or association or club and have no interest in doing so. We feel that there is no strict control of what members sell and have found there are clubs which are very clicky! We respect each organisation and wish them every success. We cannot and will not comment on other companies or authenticity of items for legal reasons this is not something we will become involved in. 

We don't hang around football grounds,training grounds, hotels, airports, venues ect to collect autographs as we prefer to hold private signing sessions this way each autograph is done in a totally relaxed atmosphere and you receive a nice un-rushed autograph. Midlands Memorabilia pay each celebrity for each signing so it benefits both parties.

We are well known amongst the Midlands football fraternity and have good social and business relationships with many individuals and organisations,just check our Business Partners page to see the organisations who we work with on a regular basis. Midlands Memorabilia are official memorabilia partners for the Aston Villa Former Players Association and the Birmingham City Former Players Association.

We are also one of the very few companies to offer you the chance to see your item in person before you buy as we offer the chance of visiting our display room where you can see up close anything of interest - please note we advise making a appointment as we are sometimes doing functions, exhibitions ect.

Thank-you for showing an interest in Midlands Memorabilia and hope you will make a purchase with us.

If you would like any more information or to arrange an appointment please email info@midlandsmemorabilia.com or phone 0121 327 6449  Mobile 07882644832

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