Aston Villa League Programmes 1940 - 1950

From this page you can purchase Aston Villa football Programmes from League matches played between 1940 - 1950, All programmes are in very good condition or excellent condition, we can email full size scans of any programme before buying if you wish.

We only sell programmes that are in a condition we would be happy to buy ourselves.

All prices displayed include postage and packing (if you purchase multiple programmes any extra P&P charges incurred will be refunded), if you would like to collect programmes yourself to save postal fees we can arrange collection in Birmingham, please email us for arrangements at


The Football League North 1944-45 (Wartime Edition)


14/04/1945  Aston Villa - Leicester City  £39.99  P&P £1.75  Excellent condition  SOLD OUT


 Official Handbook of Aston Villa F.C. Players 1946-47

For sale we have the Official Handbook of Aston Villa F.C. Players 1946-47, the book is a paper back copy in excellent condition

The contents of the book is a fascinating read for a Villa fan, the start of the book tells how this is the first publication of a Official Handbook since the end of the Second World War.

There is a history of the club (author even apologises for not being able to give the full history due to there still being a shortage of paper in the country!), some fascinating adverts from the time, map of the Aston area, fixture list, Manager and player profiles include - Alec Massie (Manager), George Cummings, Ernie Callaghan B.E.M.*, Eric Houghton, George Edwards, Leslie Smith, Richard Dorsett, Bob Iverson, Vic Potts, Joe Rutherford, Harry Parkes, Eddie Lowe, Ronnie Starling, John Dixon, Billy Goffin, Albert Kerr, Alan Wakeman, Jack Martin, Jim Allen, Tommy Dodds, Frank Moss, Amos Moss, Derek Ashton, Albert Vinall and Frank Allcock.

* British Empire Medal awarded for outstanding bravery during the war


Official Handbook of Aston Villa F.C. Players 1946-47  £39.99  P&P £1.75  SOLD OUT


First Division 1946-47


29/03/1947  Aston Villa - Chelsea  £49.99 P&P £1.60 Excellent condition


Division One 1947-48


30/08/1947  Aston Villa - Manchester City  £39.99  P&P £1.55  Excellent condition

27/12/1947  Wolverhampton Wanderers - Aston Villa  £39.99  P&P £1.55  Excellent condition

27/03/1948  Aston Villa - Portsmouth  £39.99 P&P £1.55 Excellent condition


Division One 1948-49


04/09/1948  Aston Villa - Derby County  £19.99 P&P £1.55 Excellent condition

02/10/1948  Aston Villa - Sheffield United  £19.99 P&P £1.55 Excellent condition

04/12/1948  Aston Villa - Birmingham City  £29.99 P&P £1.55 Very good condition some writing inside  SOLD OUT

27/12/1948  Aston Villa - Wolverhampton Wanderers/ 28/12/1948 Aston Villa Reserves - Barnsley Reserves  £19.99 P&P £1.55 Very good condition some writing inside

01/01/1949  Aston Villa - Blackpool  £19.99 P&P £1.55 Very good condition some writing inside  SOLD OUT

12/03/1949  Aston Villa - Manchester City  £19.99 P&P £1.55 Very good condition some writing inside  SOLD OUT


Division One 1949-50


24/09/1949  Aston Villa - Everton  £19.99 P&P £1.55 Very good condition some writing inside  SOLD OUT

15/10/1949  Aston Villa - Manchester United  £29.99 P&P £1.55 Very good condition some writing inside

29/10/1949  Aston Villa - Stoke City  £19.99 P&P £1.55 Very good condition some writing inside

12/11/1949  Aston Villa - Sunderland  £14.99 P&P £1.55 Very good condition some writing inside

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